Welcome to ACAMHA

African Caribbean Asian and Mixed Heritage Association 

Formed in 2022, our objectives are to educate, promote and connect the local communities with the African Caribbean Asian and Mixed Heritage communities. We want to promote, encourage, embrace and celebrate the uniqueness of Equality, Diversity, Equity, Acceptance and Belonging through cultural events, music, education, seminars and workshops.

Co-Founder and Secretary (Remi), Founder and Chairlady (Mya), Treasurer (Fiona)

Co-Founder and Secretary (Remi), Founder and Chairlady (Mya), Treasurer (Fiona)
My name is Elizabeth-Mya Chemonges-Murzynowska but I prefer Mya. I spent 3 quarters of my life in the UK and half of that has been in Scotland.

I am driven to challenge stereotypes, break down barriers and taboos all while embracing cultural and traditional differences.

I am passionate about helping others maximise their full potential despite their surroundings and ensuring they are equipped with the best possible holistic support and advise so as to make informed decisions.

I have worked in over 12 schools within the Highland Council as an Early Years Practitioner as well as a support worker and as an After School’s club practitioner, this gave me the insight within the education system and first-hand experience when dealing with children from diverse communities.
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Prior to working in schools, I worked for Homestart as a family support worker which involved working with several third-party agencies to provide support and empower parents to provide safe environments where they can nurture their children and help them maximise their full potential .

The lack of resources and support within the Highlands led me to form the Mixed, Blessed and Blended group in January 2020, before  decideing to incorporate it into the African Caribbean Asian and Mixed Heritage Association (ACAMHA) in August 2022.

While education remains an especially important part of today’s society, it is vital that children from our communities feel included in not only the curriculum, but through representation. Through ACAMHA, we have partnered with the Highland Council and the Highland One World to create a subgroup that will tackle Anti Racism in Education in the Highlands.

I represent the Highland Parent Council Partnership as the Education representative for the Highlands at the Council Education Committee

I am enthusiastic about change and being a driving force for change. I sit on the SIDA steering group for Global Citizenship as well as a board of trustee for the Refugee Sanctuary Scotland. I want to help people become visible and appreciated. I use my own life experiences to lobby for change.

I currently work as an income maximasation advisor for the Citizen Advice Bureau. My role entails ensuring I offer support and guidance on benefits entitlement and help clients to maximise their income.

I am zealous about advocating for equity. I was chosen to be a panellist for the Commission of Women68 United Nations Women on Gender Equality, Women Empowerment and co-creating an inclusive Scotland. Knowing that I can use my voice to have influence, influence policies and potentially have an impact on ones live, make everyday a blessing.

I'm Remi, co-founder  and secretary of ACAMHA. I take meeting minutes, write up funding applications, write reports for ACAMHA and help organise events.

I also have an eagle eye for research and take interest in where I feel our voice as People of Colour will be valued.

I really value working in partnership with other organisations as there's so many benefits in working this way.

I work in Child Bereavement, for a Highland charity, and am a student with Leeds Beckett University, studying a Postgraduate in Play Therapy, a form of child psychotherapy.

Lastly, I love good music and dancing and feel these two things connect me to my cultural heritage.

I look forward to see you at our next event!
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Hello I'm Fiona.  I am the treasurer and run the performance art department of ACAMHA.

I am a full time mother of 3, but there are always lots of children around the house. I teach musical theatre to children, I have 2 adult choirs and a senior citizen ballet class.

As well as playing an active role in our family business. I have been the vocal coach on Ness Factor, a charity event raising money for Highland Hospice since it started in 2016.

I love meeting new people, so if you see me say hello.
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